Sunday, October 23, 2005

Deve Gowda Must Go

The Times of India sounds the clarion call. Read this from Shekhar Gupta as well. Ever since Gowda has exercised power as the leader of the junior partner in the governing coalition in Karnataka, good governance has taken a major beating. He insisted on a light-weight puppet to be the Chief Minister. He has called for scrapping the Metro rail project. He has thrown a wrench into the Airport plans. He has picked fights with the former Chief Minister, his own deputy, Siddaramaiah, the IT industry, and now personally with Narayan Murthy. Where does he think he gets off?

His only motivation seems to be a pathetic desire to remain relevant, even if his relevance is actually the notoriety of the continual spoiler. A former Prime Minister, Deve Gowda is ashamed (with good reason) that all he can muster now is a minor say in the governance of one state. Furthermore, his power in this state is also eroding, and he is trying his damndest to hold on to some of it. Money, land, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, talent - all these sources of power are eluding Deve Gowda, and his helplessness is palpable.

It's time we got rid of this weak good for nothing. It's time the people of Bangalore and Karnataka demanded good governance as opposed to lunatic, egotistic posturing. How do we do this? Keep this discussion going. Narayan Murthy's resignation from the Airport authority is the pebble that can start an avalanche. Industry leaders and opinion makers need to discuss this on a daily basis. Narayan Murthy must be defended from baseless, idiotic accusations. Gowda's misrule must be on the front pages of newspapers everyday for the next few months. Pressure must be exercised in Delhi to bring Krishna back and to dump Gowda's JD(S). Siddaramaiah can be encouraged to pull the rug out from under Gowda in rural constituencies.

Keep in mind, that Deve Gowda's own worst enemy is his mouth, backed by his shrivelling brain. Keep him in the news, and you force him to put his ugly mug on the front pages. Keep his enemies talking and you force him to open his trap. He does these things, and he'll bury himself. All we need to do is to continue to stress his weaknesses and to tout the relative strengths of his adversaries. He will do the rest, with a little help from Sonia.

Madam, a fresh set of elections in Karnataka will rid you of this troublesome pest.


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Posted a comment on my blog. Have a look.

Anonymous said...

Narayan Murthy and Kiran Majumdar are running pvt corporations. They are acting as if they run the country. What a bunch of hypocrites! We need more honest pro-people politicians to answer these kirans and murthys. Deve Gowda is shrewd, but he may have limitations.

Murthys and Kirans are not even provding jobs for people where they set up their industries. If they have talent, they should go to Orissa or some small place, not in Bangalore. We are already crowded.

Anonymous said...

I think its Deve Gowda himself who's posted the comment above.

Remember, a fool king commands many foolish subjects, and the anonymous poster above me seems to be of a new variety : Emperor fool!

Cause and effort my mentally challenged friend : Orissa and Bihar and UP and nagaland doesn't have enough colleges/quality education and wired infrastructure to support the way bangalore/hyd/chennai etc do. Would you go sell fertilizers to a busniess man? OR would you go to the farmers?

Arrgh!! Comments like his reminds me over and over again our country has no shortage of quintessential idiots who put incompetents like Gowda and his clans in power because of their paramount ignorance!!


Anonymous said...

ehhh...i think you meant cause and effect????

I agree with you compare Gowda and Narayan murhty is like comparing oil and water..Gowda is singlehandledly deciding to kill all forms of governance...

He should be allowed to contest and rule only villages..where his archaic ideas will probably be tolerated..

NM has done everything : Donate patrol vehicles to our usually cash strapped police force, donated 600Cr to schools...

not to mention GENERATE EMPLOYMENT!!!