Saturday, July 30, 2005

General Musings on a Saturday

1. Check out this Blog Mela - great format showcasing some great posts from bloggers.

2. I've been in India a little over a month now. It's exciting and interesting, but I'm a little worried that the work I'm doing might be a little over my head. Otherwise, the social scene here is really awesome, except for the fact that some police comissioner guy thinks everything needs to shut by 11pm. Yeah, you read that correctly - 11 o'clock at night and the partying's done! Just absurd.

3. I have a set of Tablas at home - awesome! Mom had them at home in Bombay all these years, but for some reason didn't tell me. Anyway, they're with me now, and I try to play a few times every week. I'm hoping to play with some other musicians in Bangalore - should be fun!

4. I've been told I should post more on this site, so I'll try.

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